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Patients are saying this about Vernon Active Health:


Chuck Kobasew“Being an athlete different problems will arise, whether its muscle stiffness, sore muscles or sore joints. With Chiropractic and Active Release Techniques Cory Hewko has done a great job keeping me aligned correctly so I can train and play hard. I would highly recommend Cory to anyone who is looking for that edge and wants to feel their best!

— Chuck Kobasew

Colorado Avalanche NHL Hockey Team


“Whether your an athlete or not, your sport or job can bring sore muscles and/or joint pain. Seeing Cory on a regular basis keeps me aligned and able to train at a top level so I’m ready for the upcoming hockey season. I highly recommend Cory for anybody and everybody to feel their best!”

— Byron Ritchie

Former Vancouver Canuck


“I have been under the care of Dr. Hewko since he has taken up practice in the Vernon area.  I am a motocross racer who has pretty much subjected his body to any type of physical adversity you could imagine.  I was not familiar with Active Release Techniques until receiving treatment from Cory as a result of the recommendation from a friend.  The results were astounding as I was able to train for my sport without the aches and pains associated with its consequences and win a provincial championship while under his care!

Unfortunately I was in a horrific race crash Aug. 18, 2011 which saw me break 5 vertebrae, hospitalized for 7 months, and leave me paralyzed from the sternum down.  While in the GF Strong Rehabilitation Center they told me that I would never be able to receive another chiropractic adjustment again.  At the same time they did tell me that I would need follow up therapy of some kind to help rehabilitate my shoulders, neck and scapulae.  Dr. Hewko has been an intricate part of my post injury rehabilitation with Active Release Techniques which has allowed me to push myself to new physical heights of strengthening on a weekly basis.  For his help and efforts to help me achieve the best post injury life possible I am personally grateful to say the least.”

–Brent Worrall

Professional Motocross Racer


“After 2 years and up to 30 pills a day for pain and with 2 to 3 hours sleep at night, gaining weight, putting up with degenerative disc’s and finally having a total hip replacement and then two weeks later falling 6 feet off my deck to the ground, I was introduced to Cory at Vernon Active Health Clinic. Thank goodness! It was amazing the help and relief I received after just a few visits. I now am taking as little as 5 pills a day, in a lot less pain, breathe better, walk better and get 6 to 7 hours sleep a night on a regular basis! I feel I am so much healthier and happier, it’s like being a new person. I am grateful to Cory and his Chiropractic service.”

–Lori Smart


“I was advised by my doctor that there was nothing that could be done for my “minor” rotator cuff injury. Cory has been applying ART for the past while and I noticed a difference in the pain within just a few treatments! Worth every penny!!!

— Jeremy Schaffner


“December 2008, I was in debilitating pain.  I was experiencing pain in my shoulder, back and right leg.  I had trouble sleeping and enjoying everyday activities.  I tried massage, and acupuncture, and nothing seemed to help me long term, that is until I met Cory Hewko.  My massage therapist suggested I try a chiropractor certified in ART.  As I had a fear of chiropractors and the unknown, I approached with extreme caution.  I also did some research on the topic as well.  Receiving treatment utilizing ART has had a profound impact on the quality of my life.  As a salesperson, I routinely experienced back pain, which resulted in referred leg and shoulder pain.  Upon treatment, I felt relief almost immediately and my leg pain has been virtually eliminated.  This in turn has allowed me to work through the day normally without pain and raise my level of productivity.  Cory Hewko is a compassionate and knowledgeable chiropractor, always putting his patients needs first.  Using ART I instantly feel more pain free and continue to see him for routine maintenance.  My only regret is that I put this off for so long”

— Sylvia Horsting

“I injured my back in my late teens running a skidder with no cushion on the seat, hit a hump and came straight down hard. Always to busy to see someone about it I just put up with the constant nag. Usually once or twice a year I would make a move that would feel like an ice pick drove into my back. I would tough it out for a few days and carry on as usual. My wife had been seeing Cory for awhile and was very happy with the results. Now at 51 and never seen anyone about my back I decided to let him have a go at it. Within 3 visits, like a cut that heals over and you just forget about it, I all of a sudden realized I could get up in the morning and not walk to the washroom half hunched over and get dressed without leaning up against the bed. Just all around function and bend with no pain at all. You just don’t seem to know how much it bothers you until it’s gone. All my young working life logging, falling, and trucking with a nagging back ache and it is all gone. Thank you so much Cory!”

— Tom Kiesenwetter


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3123-31st Ave, Vernon, BC