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Its flu season

By Cory | In Common Ailments | on January 17, 2017

Its flu season – Lets talk about immunity in Oriental medicine terms. We treat our clients from the perspective of an organic whole, so immunity is understood as a function of overall physical, mental and emotional health. Yin (substance) and yang (function and warmth) must nourish, balance, and mutually support each other.

Strong digestion and lung function are particularly important during flu season. Maintaining strong vital energy depends on eating well and having robust digestive function. Strong kidney and liver function also play an important role by keeping everything moving. Emotional stress, overwork, lack of rest and improper diet will weaken these systems. This depletion often creates mucous in the body or stagnation in general, causing bloating, tiredness, reduced appetite and motivation, cold extremities, dull headaches, depression and lowered resistance to viruses.

Want to stay healthier?


Dress for the weather and always protect the neck area. When the neck is bare, cold is able to penetrate and weaken  vital energy pathways, increasing your vulnerability to whatever virus is floating around. If you are chilled and can’t get warm, get into a hot shower. Run it over the nape of your neck until you feel a shiver of cold leave your body. This helps to prevent a cold from taking hold.

Eat warm, nourishing food. Its time to reduce raw, cold food until warmer weather arrives. I recommend making bone broth and drinking it as a tonic. Ditch the ice in your drinks!


Try acupuncture. Lets get you strong and balanced!


To start getting relief, pick up the phone and call Vernon Active Health at...

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