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Knee Injuries

By weeblueghost | In Common Ailments | on March 26, 2012

knee injuriesWhat are knee injuries?

There are many types of knee injury, the most common being sprains and strains. You may have injured the meniscus, or you may have an arthritis pain and it’s coming from the knee. When you come to see me I will do an exam to see what structures have been affected, and where the pain is coming from by doing a series of tests. I will also find out from the history how they injury occurred. Maybe it was a fall or a twisted knee, or it’s located on one side. That’s going to tell me a lot about the injury and where it is and then I’ll go on and to create mobility and treat as necessary.

What are some examples of knee injuries and what types of injuries do you treat?

The most common knee injuries I see are sprains and strains – a sprained ligament or strained muscle on the knee joint or around the knee capsule, or you have a tight joint capsule. I’m going to figure out which you have during the exam. If you don’t get it treated it’s going to cause a weakness in your leg, and a weakness in your knee and pain when you go up or down stairs. Walking long distances is going to start to bother you and if you don’t get it treated it is going to cause instability in your knee, which could potentially cause greater pains. You might strain or tear a ligament down the road if it’s not properly treated or healed in the first place.

What are the alternatives to Chiropractic Treatments and when should I consider them?

A lot of people don’t think that chiropractors can treat knee injuries – they just think of physiotherapy or going to the gym and doing strength training. By working on the soft tissue structures; the ligaments, the joints, the muscles, and the joint capsule around the knee, it will help create mobility within the knee because a lot of the time the knee is just fixated and and it’s not moving properly within the joint. Simply working on the soft tissue of the knee joint and getting it adjusted and manipulated relieves a lot of pain. In addition to that, fairly common knee injuries are a result of your pelvis being out of alignment, so I check the pelvis of every patient who comes in with a knee problem and most times, just fixing that alone will fix the knee problem as that relates to a biomechanic issue.

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To start getting relief, pick up the phone and call Vernon Active Health at...

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