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Lower Back Pain

By weeblueghost | In Common Ailments | on March 26, 2012

low back painWhat is Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons why people come to see Chiropractors.  There’s a lot of research today that shows chiropractic treatment is one of the best treatments for lower back pain.  We are supposedly living in simpler times with our improved technology, but we’re actually doing our bodies a disservice because we are finding more ways to become less active.  We are actually becoming more lazy as we find ourselves sitting a lot more.  Computers have caused a lot of problems and back pain is one of them because we sit all day.  The body is meant to move and when it doesn’t move, that causes problems as your spine gets all jammed up, your pelvis and your lower back go out of alignment and this causes pain.  Chiropractic treatments allow you to get those areas moving again.  Lower back pain isn’t just caused by injuries as posture and lifestyle are major factors as well.

Lower Back Pain

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What treatments do you offer for Lower Back Pain?

The way I treat lower back pain is using ART to work the soft tissue structures which gets the muscles moving better by loosening them up and getting them to be more flexible which also creates less stress on the joints.  I adjust the lower back and the pelvis which helps to create more mobility in those joints.  Once you create more mobility you’re going to have less pain.  I also provide stretches and strengthening exercises to strengthen the back so you won’t have as many problems in the future.  I also work on posture correction when you’re sitting in a vehicle or sitting at the computer and during lifting.  All these things will help to prevent the injury in the first place.

If I have lower back pain and I don’t get it treated, what would be the consequences?

If you don’t get treatment for your lower back pain you’re going to run the risk of having back pain in the future that will be harder to treat.  You may also start to experience upper back and neck pain.  Lower back pain may also start to affect your nerves and your discs and you may start experiencing leg pain, numbness and tingling. Once you create a weakness in your lower back and you don’t get proper treatments and rehab, you can set yourself up for future injury. This can be a lot worse – such as herniating a disc, which is very painful and lasts for a very long time. Your best interest is to get your lower back pain treated properly the first time so that you will have a stronger back in the future.

To start getting relief, pick up the phone and call Vernon Active Health now at…




To start getting relief, pick up the phone and call Vernon Active Health at...

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