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Shin Splints

By weeblueghost | In Common Ailments | on March 26, 2012

shin splintsWhat are Shin Splints?

Shin Splints occur on the lower leg and can be anterior or posterior.  They can be caused by overuse, improper footwear, poor biomechanics, not wearing proper shoes or running on hard surfaces.  Standing for long periods of time and wearing high-heeled shoes may also induce shin splints.  The muscles get tight along the bone, either on the front or the back of the lower leg, and you start to develop fibrotic adhesions and scar tissue, and the muscle doesn’t move as well.

Why would I need treatment for shin splints?

Shin splints can be very painful especially with walking, running or with improper footwear.  They can also occur because of over-training and do not go away easily on their own.  I look at the many factors that may be causing your shin splints and treat accordingly.  Patients may be advised to decrease the duration or intensity of their exercise and then build it up slowly.  Specially fitted footwear or an orthotic may also be suggested to prevent a re-occurrence of shin splints.

shin splintsHow can ART resolve Shin Splints?

ART is a relatively new and highly successful approach for the treatment of injuries to muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves, and surrounding soft tissues.  ART has proven to be very effective for the treatment of shin splints, with a success rate exceeding 90%.  ART restores unimpeded motion and function to all soft tissues associated with shin splints.

ART provides a means to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of Cumulative Trauma Disorders. Typical symptoms include numbness, tingling, burning, and aching. The goal of ART is to:

  • Restore optimal texture and motion.
  • Restore the function of the soft tissue.
  • Release any entrapped nerves or blood vessels.

This is accomplished through the removal of adhesions in the soft tissues through the application of specific ART protocols.

To start getting relief, pick up the phone and call Vernon Active Health now at…




To start getting relief, pick up the phone and call Vernon Active Health at...

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