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Upper Back Pain

By weeblueghost | In Common Ailments | on March 26, 2012

upper back painWhat do you define as Upper Back Pain?

Upper back pain is from the area between the bottom of the neck and top of the lumbar spine.  The thoracic spine comprises the upper portion of the spine that corresponds to the chest area.  It includes 12 thoracic vertebrae and 12 ribs which provide a cavity to protect the internal organs.

What causes Upper Back Pain and how does it present?

This is very common in people who sit all day at a desk or in front of a computer and use a keyboard or the mouse.  Usually it is posture related in that you’ll get forward rounded shoulders as it puts a lot of stress on the upper back and this can cause neck pain and upper back pain.  I ask people to be conscious about their posture and I get them to do stretches after my treatments, at home and at work. I also get them to take more breaks during the day and get the range of motion back in their shoulders and their neck.  Using a combination of ART and adjustments we get things moving a lot quicker.

upper back pain musclesHow can ART resolve Upper Back Pain?

ART is a relatively new and highly successful approach for the treatment of injuries to muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves, and surrounding soft tissues.  ART has proven to be very effective for the treatment of upper back pain, with a success rate exceeding 90%.  ART restores unimpeded motion and function to all soft tissues associated with upper back pain.

ART provides a means to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of Cumulative Trauma Disorders. Typical symptoms include numbness, tingling, burning, and aching. The goal of ART is to:

  • Restore optimal texture and motion.
  • Restore the function of the soft tissue.
  • Release any entrapped nerves or blood vessels.

This is accomplished through the removal of adhesions in the soft tissues through the application of specific ART protocols.

Is this a condition that can go away on it’s own or does it always need treatment?

Upper back pain can go away on it’s own – your body can adapt to it.  But when your body adapts to it, your doing yourself a disservice because if you’re not correcting the cause it’ll show up in other areas and it may show up as headaches, arm pain or numbness and tingling.  For example, if you have poor posture and you have forward rounded shoulders and it’s causing upper body back pain, the biomechanics of your shoulder joint is going to be altered, which can lead to rotator cuff injuries.

To start getting relief, pick up the phone and call Vernon Active Health now at…




To start getting relief, pick up the phone and call Vernon Active Health at...

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