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Mindful Eating Program


Is your relationship with food out of balance?  Have you, like so many others, wished for a relationship with food that is more balanced, more sustainable, and more a source of satisfaction than of struggle?  If so, the Mindful Eating Program might be for you…

Unlike traditional and often restrictive diets, the mindful eating approach focusses less on the “what” of eating, and more on the “how” and “why”.  By shifting this focus, mindful eating offers a sane and novel approach to food that is both sustainable and compassionate — an approach designed to restore our intuitive ability to make healthy food choices, which in turn restore balance, enjoyment, and satisfaction to our relationship with food.

The foundation of mindful eating is mindful awareness.  Mindfulness is the deliberate paying attention to moment-to-moment experience without judgment or criticism.  Applied to the act of eating, mindfulness can transform mindless eating habits — those that underly food addictions, food compulsions, and other forms of disordered eating — into ways of responding to food that are deliberate, thoughtful, and life-sustaining.

The Mindful Eating Program involves a three-prongued approach to changing your relationship with food:

1.  mindfulness training
2.  mindful eating education, experience, and practice
3.  a way of thinking that encourages self-acceptance, self-patience, and self-compassion

Some of the comments from previous Mindful Eating Program participants include the following:

— “I feel my expectations of the program were exceeded…  I learned more about why I have certain feelings towards food.  Most importantly, I learned that food is not the enemy.”
— “I think I’ve realized that my main food trigger is loneliness.  As the weeks have passed, I’m much more in tune with and aware of what I’m putting in to my body and why.”
— “Most valuable was the camaraderie.  Realizing that I’m not the only one who doesn’t have it all together!  Also, learning to be more kind to myself — trying very hard to cut out the “shoulds” in
my mind and my vocabulary…  I would absolutely recommend this program to a friend!”
— “The learning how my upbringing and my family’s eating habits have influenced my own eating patterns was very valuable.”
— “The tools of mindful eating are helping me take better care of myself — checking in with my hunger, my feelings, my emotions has helped me make better choices and appreciate the food I do eat.”
— “I really appreciated the peaceful environment created while learning to make more peaceful food choices…”

If any of the above information or comments resonates with you, or intrigues you, I hope you’ll join us for the next Mindful Eating Program!


Please call 250.545.2468 for an appointment!

3123-31st Ave, Vernon, BC