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Transformational Coaching & Hypnotherapy (Cand.)

Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life!

book_onlineChantal Hewko, coach, empowerment coach, life coach

Hypnotherapy is often a last resort for people when they are not seeing the results they are looking for through other forms of treatment or don’t have $$$ to spend on 20+ treatments.

Often hypnotherapy can get results within 6 sessions as an average depending on the situation the client is experiencing.

Why is this?

Hypnotherapy works because it accesses the subconscious mind where 90% of our learned habits and core-beliefs are stored, usually not to our conscious awareness. By accessing this part of ourselves, we can uncover repressed memories that we stored so deeply (usually childhood). Often the repressed parts of ourselves are what control us today and we have no idea why we can’t lose weight, quit smoking, feel depressed, have phobias, etc. Once these memories or a critical event is uncovered and worked through with a trained professional you can then release and heal this part of yourself and the “issue” itself vanishes. In most situations you must deal with the core issue and not the symptom itself if you want lasting results. That’s why diets and pills don’t work for very long.

What can it help with?

Hypnotherapy can help with depression, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, OCD, weight loss, smoking cessation, goal setting, confidence, infertility, child birth, asthma, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skin conditions, PMS, migraines, dental anxiety, plus much more.

Sessions are approximately 2-hours in length with Chantal Hewko, RN. Chantal has always been fascinated with the mind and has studied human emotion for the past 10 years. After being a Registered Nurse for 9 years and feeling dis-empowered to truly help her patients at the root level, Chantal decided to become trained as a Life Coach and is now a Master Certified Empowerment Coach through the S.W.A.T Institute and is also training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and will be fully certified this summer 2016. Chantal is currently seeing clients for hypnotherapy to complete her practicum under her RN License. (Insurance may cover hypnotherapy sessions under RN care…check your benefits).

Chantal lives in Vernon, BC, with her husband, Cory Hewko and their 2 children, Solara and Ryker.


Please call Chantal at
to inquire about Hypnotherapy!


Please call 250.545.2468 for an appointment!

3123-31st Ave, Vernon, BC